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KHITOMER (Kais x KHAZARA by Nagadir)
Excellent young mare
Kais (Pakistan x Proba v. Balaton)

Kais x Khazara by Nagadir
owner: Theres Forstinger

This mare is a very typey dishy mare with a strong and solid body.
She has a short back and a stunning eyecatching outlook.
She is big and solid, good motion and a very dishy head with expressive eyes.
With this mare, you can breed champions. She looks very much like her father KAIS.
Khitomer was not yet bred, but is available for sale only to a professional stud.
She is ideal for a breeder who looks for typey heads, power and conformation.
She is western trained and a very good and obedient riding horse.
Both the sire and the dam of Khitomer are Austrian National Champions.
She would be a perfect horse for a Padrons Psyche or a Ghazal al Shaqab outcross.

PAKISTAN Kumir x Panagia by Aswan
Balaton x Palmira by Salon
Neman x Neschi by Kilimanjaro
Kharawaan Ghadames x Khamala by El Shaklan

Austrian National Champion Kais is the sire of Khitomer

Please contact Hans Trummer (0043/664/4024562) for further details or if you are interested in this beautiful mare. 
Einige wenige Deckungen von *TR Viktor verfügbar
*TR VIKTOR (Nariadni x Muscalean by Muscat)
He is a living legend and has sired excellent foals, including champions in Australia, Great Britain, Germany and Austria.
We have some of his best daughters for sale, this is an exceptional opportunity.
But we also have frozen semen of this great stallion available. The frozen semen is of superbe quality. *TR Viktor is one of the most used sons of Nariadni and he produces foals with quality, neck, toplines and eyes. Contact Mr. Hans Trummer 0043/664/4024562 

22 years BREITENAU Arabians (1983 - 2005)
In 2002 we have added the straight egyptian stallion AL LAHAB to our russian breeding program. The egyptian influence in the russian pedigrees is very important to breed horses of style and showring presence. Our breeding program is focussing on type. The foundation mares of Breitenau Arabians are horses with motion, caliber, performance and pedigree, and the egyptian influence helped to strengthen the desert type.

We have bought the Al Lahab breedings when he was a yearling and before his win at the Nations Cup. Later he became World Champion Stallion. This is a proof, that we use the right taste, the right feeling and our clear intuition to select the right horses.

We do care first of the quality of the horse and then show ring success will and must come. But show ring success is not a breeding reason.

BUPALI by Al Lahab was named Austrian Res. National Champion Mare. The success story goes on.
Many stud farms of today are using Breitenau bred horses for their breeding program.
SELIMAH ARABIANS, BYCHAN Arabians, Killer Arabians, Schiffl Arabians, Dodo Arabians, Stark Arabians, Sax Arabians and many, many more.
Nandini (Al Lahab x Nevina by Abakan) was sold to the Dobringer family in Austria. Daniel Dobringer was a sport coach of Mr. Schuhmacher.
Nandini has found his new home in Grünau i. Almtal and she is a wonderful big and supermoving young mare.
Our experience is of great help for our clients, they do not only buy horses but also all the knowledge around them. This full service should maintain the high standard of our breed, even if the horses are now sold to other studs.
If you have any question concerning how to go on with your breeding program, contact Mr. Hans Trummer.
He is an expertice in all breeding questions and he has helped to develop successful breeding programs for many modern stud farms of today. He has the talent and the feeling for "the right match", the right combination and he is a life long expert in horsebreeding.
As an artist, he is a musician, graphic designer and film producer, he has the feeling for colour, shape and form and this helped him to create some of the most beautiful horses in the country like NIAGARA, BALENINA, PSYNERGY and BHARAT.
BHARAT by Monogramm
One of the most promising young horses we have ever bred is the chestnut 2004 MONOGRAMM colt BHARAT, he is out of the famous mare SHAMBALA, who was a concentration of type.
And so, BHARAT is not only a horse in the MONOGRAMM style with short body, flat topline, breathtaking movements but also with a dishy head that sets him apart from the rest of the crowd.
In the meantime he is a nice and beautiful young stallion and he will continue the Breitenau story in France. Bharat
In 2004 we decided to quit to run our big farm facility which at the best times hosted 30 mares of excellent qualities.
Why? We were horselovers and artists. We did not want to breed for the market.
When the market goes down and the foals do not pay their costs, there is no purpose in continue to produce.

We have bred horses to fulfill our vision of a perfect horse. And we have bred many perfect horses in the studs history.
What is the secret behind our breeding philosophy?
We first defined the ideal, that we wanted to breed. Not breediing for the market, but breeding for our own satisfaction. Our thrive for quality does not allow any compromise and we would breed only, what we want to keep.

We still do have acces to some of the finest horses of our breeding program, if you are seriously interested in a typical breitenau horse, please call us, we are happy to help you finding the right horse.
We are still focussed only on the very best horses.
Breeders can still buy breitenau horses of highest quality standard.
We offer some excellent horses who were bred out of our breeding program, and we encourage serious breeders to take advantage of our studs achievements and acquire one of the breeding treasures of Breitenau Stud.
The great news: even in the 6th generation, the breitenau horses are going to win.
So the getoff from: KHOURI - Kalahari - Kahsmir - BAIKAL - Shambala - Balenina - Psynergy - Pjatakova - Sibiria - Athinai - Psyches Thais - Psyches Ambassador - Nevnitza - Nandita - Kubay Khan - Shangrilah - Moldavia - Mandschurei and many many more
Our excellent stud mares were sold to England, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany.
In Australia the filly VALOURIA by *TR Viktor was named Australian Junior Champion and our grey mare PJATAKOVA by Balaton was named British National Champion in 2004.

We are also very happy about the wins of SHANGRILA (Kais x Shambala) and of the son of PSYCHES THAIS, who was named 2nd in the foal class in England.

PSYNERGY was named British National Champion and the year later the even greater success was his nomination of British Get Off Sire at the British National Championships.

The PSYNERGY daughter PSYNAMONN was sold to Qatar and we are proud of her successes in the show ring.
The breeding programm of Barbara and Hans Trummer family is based on typey horses with immense beauty and a sweet attitude. The stud has bred over 60 champions in the past 10 years. (Nationscup Champions, European Champions, Stallion Licensing Winners, Foal Champions, Platin Cup Champions).
PSYNERGY by Padrons Psyche was Champion in England in 2003 and again in 2004. Also the first PSYNERGY babies have already won some show awards and his story will continue.
In the meantime, Psynergy get is winning in the past 4 years in England and Wales and he is the getoff champion of the country.
There are some Psynergy offspring available for sale.
Please contact us, we can help you to find the right horse for you.

Hans Trummer has visited many studfarms in the past and is offering his knowledge through the art of photography.
I will come to Germany, England, France in 2008. Please give me a call in time (0043/664/4024562).

I am specialised in stallion advertisment and foal photography.