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BALENINA (Balaton x Neva by Neman) - the Queen of Breitenau
The best daughter of Balaton
BALENINA together with her daughter SHAMBALA
4/4/93, chestnut mare, OeAV 1155


Due to her beautiful face and her strong pedigree as well as her beautiful foals, BALENINA was one of the most precious mares of Breitenau Stud in Austria.
Her daughter SHAMBALA and her son PSYNERGY are still available in the Breitenau breeding program.

The champion producing mare KRUSCHINA by Arax was a special horse, she brought 4 champions our of 5 foals. Her daughter NEVA was her best product and NEVA herself has built her own breeding dynasty. NEVA was two times German National Champion in Aachen. NEVA brought only winners and champions like Nations Cup Champion NEVNITZA and int. champion VOLGA by Vympel.

But her daughter BALENINA is her best product so far. Balenina is said to be the most beautiful daughter of Balaton (European Champion)
BALENINA was awarded with some int. Championships, like three Champion Mare Titels in Austria, Platin Cup Champion and many more.

BALENINA's get are the most precious horses in the breed and all of them have the typical BALENINA type with nice dished heads and a showy attitude, even 2 or 3 generations later.

Get Off/Nachzucht

1997 SHAMBALA v. Corall, Nat. Juniorenchampion 93,25 Pkte.
1998 MANDSCHUREI v. Mirok Monpelou, 2nd place Wels
2000 PSYNERGY v. Padrons Psyche, Foal Champion Wels
2001 xxx v. *TR Viktor, 2001 chestnut colt, died
2002 BALMARAN v. Padrons Psyche, 2002 chestnut colt
2003 ASILL v. Padrons Psyche, 2003 chestnut colt
2005 filly by Om el Mareikh, 2005 chestnut filly
2007 filly by Ghazal al Shaqab, 2007 bay filly
2008 filly by QR MARC, 2008 bay filly


1993 Nat. Champion Austria (Junior)
1994 Platin Cup Champion (Junior Female)
1996 Junior Champion St. P¦lten
1997 Senior Res. Champion St. P¦lten
2002 exported to England

BALATON Menes Nabeg x Metropolia
Panagia Aswan x Pustinia
Neva Neman Nabeg x Nega
Kruschina Arax x Kapel
The children of BALENINA
SHAMBALA is the typiest daughter of BALENINA and she had excellent foals so far. SHANGRILA by Kais was Championfilly in Great Britain, SANSKRIT PSYCHE was exported to England. Her best daughter so far is the Al Lahab daughter BUPALI, she is a young mare now. Her last foal was a colt by MONOGRAMM - with the name BHARAT, he is excellent and makes his dam immortal.
Her second filly was MANDSCHUREI (Mirok Monpelou x Balenina). She is a typey bold moving young mare. Her look was very similar to BALENINA and MANDSCHUREI is now owned by Christine Steindler in Austria. She had a foal by VANGELIS (Ekstern).
PSYNERGY is the best son of BALENINA. He looks like his dam and is even more refined than his grandfather BALATON. He is the stallion which has the BALATON look in the best way. But you can see the Padrons Psyche influence also. Look at his great foals . . .
Progeny of Balenina
SHAMBALA is the best daugher of Balenina. She was sold to Germany in Feb. 2005
MANDSCHUREI is a blueprint of BALENINA and she was sold to Christine Steindler. Mandschurei brought a 2004 bay daughter of VANGELIS by Ekstern.
PSYNERGY is the best son of BALENINA so far. He is a blend of BALATON and PADRONS PSYCHE and he is siring extreme beautiful foals.
BALMARAN is a full brother to PSYNERGY and he was sold to Great Britain as a foal. Watch out for him in Great Britain.

Sire :: BALATON (Menes x Panagia by Aswan)
BALATON (Menes x Panagia by Aswan) Supreme Champion Horse Exhibition Show, Moscow European Champion Stallion For years BALATON was the most important breedingstallion for Russian Horses. He added type, size, motion and the beautiful head to his children. His famous children like BALENINA, PJATAKOVA, KUBINEC, ABAKAN, ABSENT, VERBALA are known for their breeding potential and for the quality of their offspring. In every russian pedigree of today you can find that great stallion. Balaton was born in Russia and was considered to be the replacement of his sire MENES, who was sold to the US. 
MENES Nabeg Arax x Nomenklatura
Metropolia Priboj x Mammona
Panagia Aswan Nazeer x Yosreia
Pustinia Salon x Ptashka