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BHARAT (Monogramm x Shambala by Corall)
BHARAT was born in 2004 and he shows the good points of Monogramm as motion, type and well balanced body. He is a colt with style and quality of Monogramm. His strength is his good topline, the movements, the elegance of the neck and the dished head, which comes from his spectacular dam SHAMBALA (Corall x Balenina by Balaton).

BHARAT is a representative of the Neman-Neschi cross of the breed of Silvia Garde-Ehlert and he has the great BALENINA (Balaton x Neva) as granddam.
His strong pedigree combines dominant breeding lines: Neman, Balaton, Corall, Nadir I, Bask, Negatraz, Knippel.

For further information contact his new owners in France.

MONOGRAMM Negatraz Bask x Negotka
Monogramma Knippel x Monopolia
Shambala Corall Nadir I x Cewiarka (Partner)
Balenina Balaton x Neva (Neman)

Sire :: MONOGRAMM (Negatraz x Monogramma by Knippel)
MONOGRAMM is an important sire for todays modern showhorses.
Monogramm has sired many championwinners in the past five years, he adds to his progeny the well shaped neck, the elegant motion and the charisma of self confidence and quality.
Monogramm's significance as a sire is most apparent in Poland, where Monogramm must rightly be considered one of the greatest sires in the history of Polish breeding.

Never before has one stallion been the sire of an astounding FOUR World Champions.
This unprecedented accomplishment is likely to remain unchallenged well into the next century, if indeed it is challenged at all.
KWESTURA - US Champion mare, World Champion Res. Mare, Nations Cup Mare
GANGES - US Res. Champion Stallion, Polish National Champion
EKSTERN - European triple crown stallion, Polish National Champion
ZAGROBLA - World Champion Mare, Nations Cup Mare
EMMONA - World Junior Champion Filly
FALLADA - World Res. Champion Mare
The Monogramm influence is spreading around the world, with over 95 champions and counting in nearly 20 countries across the globe,  including 45 National winners and 67 champions at the Regional level.

To have MONOGRAMM blood in his breeding program is a success programmed.
Monogramms qualities piqued the interest of the Polish breeders. Impressed as they were with his phenotype, they were equally MONOGRAMM enthusiastic about his pedigree, as Monogramm represented the perfect opportunity to finally incorporate the blood of *Bask back into the Polish breeding program after over thirty years since his exportation to North America.

After two years at stud, Monogramm has given Michalow an unprecedented number of world-class offspring, many of whom have dominated the European show scene. Just five years after their European debut, the Monogramm get swept the World Championships at the Salon du Cheval in 2000, winning the titles of World Champion Stallion - Ekstern, World Champion Mare - Zagrobla, World Reserve  Champion Mare - Kwestura as well as World Junior Champion Filly - Emmona.
Add to that the pride of winning yet again in 2001 with Fallada as World Reserve Champion Mare and highest point score of the entire show; back to back European Mare Championships with Kwestura and Zagrobla; consecutive All Nations Cup Mare Championship honors with Kwestura and Zagrobla; European, All Nations Cup and Polish National Champion Stallion titles for Ekstern; as well as Polish National Champion and All Nations Cup Reserve Champion Stallion wins for Ganges and it is apparent that Monogramm and Michalow are on a major roll.

What he was able to accomplish in just two seasons at only one of the State Studs is nothing short of legendary. As his grandsire *Bask was able to raise the standard of Arabian in North America in 60’s, Monogramm was able to breathe new life into an already stellar breeding program, and establish an unparalleled level of excellence not only in Poland, but in all of Europe.

We invite you to add some of  Monogramms excellence to your own breeding program.
BHARAT is one of Monogramm youngest sons he adds the russian heritage to his polish pedigree. 
The dam :: SHAMBALA (Corall x Balenina by Balaton)
1997 Nat. Champion Austria (Jun. Champion St. Pölten professional western trained first class broodmare, very typey head SHAMBALA is the best daughter of the famous BALENINA by Balaton and she is styled like a modern showhorse with an exotic dished head.
SHAMBALA is known in many European Countries and her daughters have won championships already. She comes out of a dynasty of Champions, she is herself a champion and she is a champion producer. Her quality and breeding potential have influenced our breeding program. We do have her exotic daughter BUPALI by Al Lahab and her incredible typey Monogramm son BHARAT. SHAMBALA was exported in 2005 to Germany. 
SHAMBALA is a first class broodmare. She gives her children the exotic dished head and the smoothness and shape of her body.  Shambala