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BUPALI (Al Lahab x Shambala by Corall)
Elegance in motion
A horse like BUPALI was bred to produce champions, she combines egyptian type with russian smoothness and motion.
This filly was bred with lots of type in her pedigree, plus she is out of a very prestigious breeding line. The dam line of NEVA (Neman x Kruschina) was producing many champions even in the fourth generation. It is a guarantee for strong and consistent heritage of the highest standards. 
This are the "Russian Movements" and the egyptian type.
BUPALI, she is in the meantime 3 years old and old enough for breeding or riding. 
Bupali - one of the most beautiful daughters of Al Lahab
born 20th June 2003, chestnut mare, OeAV 3011, bred by B & H Trummer, Austria

Genetic potential is most important in a modern broodmare
BUPALI Bupali is a very smooth filly with the type of SHAMBALA and comes out of the famous BALENINA breeding line - she is a granddaughter of BALENINA (Balaton x Neva by Neman). BUPALI has the genetic potential to be a superbe broodmare as her dam SHAMBALA (Corall x Balenina by Balaton) and her granddam BALENINA.
Both of her parents are high valued champions with immense beauty and type, a strong pedigree and a charming look. In the last 4 generations of her Pedigree you will find only very typey horses, most of them international champions.
Very typey daughter of Shambala, sired by Eruopean Champion stallion AL LAHAB.
If you are looking for type, this filly will be your first choice. From all the daughters of SHAMBALA, this filly is the best so far.
From all the championdaughters daughters of SHAMBALA, this filly is her most outstanding filly so far.
She is ready for showing - she is a horse for the highest standards. 
Seldum you can see a young mare with such an athletic trot, so elegant and smooth with such an nice arched neck. THIS style can make you crazy, because it is so beautiful and you feel the elegance, the power, the perfect shaped body and the excellent move
And when we say excellent movements, that really means EXCELLENT, it is not just good or good enough, this are movements for real horsemen.
May be you remember Muscat or Nariadni, they had this kind of trot, which made America cry for them.
Compare BUPALI to her father, the same shape of head, PLUS the extra in motion. 
The sire of BUPALI: European Champion stallion AL LAHAB
The typey Al Lahab
BUPALI is  sired by Eruopean Champion stallion AL LAHAB.

Al Lahab is a stallion with an extreme dished head and he is one of the most popular sires of today.
*Al Lahab he is one of the most promising young stallions in the world.  He has exquisite type.  He has championship conformation.  He has elastic, fluid, and airy movement, moving well off his hocks.   
With his ultra type, overall quality and charisma, show ring success came quickly to *Al Lahab.  At just a few months of age he was named Champion Foal of Israel.  As a yearling *Al Lahab was flown to Europe for the show season.  Before long, Inge and Hansjuergen Friedmann, straight Egyptian breeders in Germany, fell under the spell of this extraordinary colt and purchased him for their breeding program.   In his first two seasons of showing in Europe he won the prestigious titles of:  World Asil Cup Junior Champion - twice (first as a yearling, then as a two-year-old), European Egyptian Event Junior Champion, and European Junior Champion.
With his personal qualities and world-class pedigree, success came quickly to *Al Lahab as a sire.  In 2003, when he was just four years of age, a son of his was named National Junior Champion colt of Germany.  Among other champion get, *Al Lahab sired the Junior Champion Mare at an International show in Switzerland and the Reserve Junior Champion filly at the European Egyptian Event.  She also won “Most Classic Head” at the show.
Jay and Sigi Constanti  watched *Al Lahab at shows across Europe for two show seasons and also felled under his spell.  His ultra type and quality was matched by his equally remarkable kind and willing disposition.  They came to realize that this was a stallion for our breeding program.
AL LAHAB LAHEEB Imperial Imdal
The Vision HG Thee Desperado x Belle Star
Shambala Corall Nadir I x Cerrita (Partner)
Balenina Balaton x Neva (Neman)

European R. Champion
Laheeb x The Vision HG by Thee Desperado

He brings the egyptian influence in the Balaton based breeding programm and has sired typey fillies with genetic strength.

AL LAHAB was named Nations Cup Res. Jun. Male Champion, European Res. Champion Colt and Egyptian Events Champion. His sire Laheeb was used in Poland and has produced offspring of good quality. Al Lahab
The dam :: SHAMBALA (Corall x Balenina by Balaton)
1997 Nat. Champion Austria (Jun. Champion St. Pölten professional western trained first class broodmare, very typey head SHAMBALA is the best daughter of the famous BALENINA by Balaton and she is styled like a modern showhorse with an exotic dished head.
SHAMBALA is known in many European Countries and her daughters have won championships already. She comes out of a dynasty of Champions, she is herself a champion and she is a champion producer. Her quality and breeding potential have influenced our breeding program. We do have her exotic daughter BUPALI by Al Lahab and her incredible typey Monogramm son BHARAT. SHAMBALA was exported in 2005 to Germany. 
SHAMBALA is a first class broodmare. She gives her children the exotic dished head and the smoothness and shape of her body.  Shambala
The dam of Al Lahab
The beautiful one

He has a world-class pedigree.
*Al Lahab was bred by Ariela Arabians in Israel.  His sire is Laheeb, who is by Imperial Imdal and out of the *Ibn Moniet El Nefous daughter, AK Latifa. 

*Al Lahab’s dam is The Vision HG, sired by Thee Desperado and out of The Minstril daughter Belle Star.  Besides having today’s popular stallions close-up in his pedigree, the fourth generation of *Al Lahab’s pedigree features a collection of the breed’s legendary straight Egyptians stallions: *Ansata Ibn Halima, Ansata Ibn Sudan, *Morafic, The Egyptian Prince and Ruminaja Ali.