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Historical stallions of Breitenau Stud (not longer available)
BALATON (Menes x Panagia by Aswan), chestnut, European Champion (fresh Semen)
BALATON has influenced the whole breed in Austria with his sons and daughters. Breitenau Stud had at one time 8 of his sons and daughters. We used his daughters for breeding with Padrons Psyche, *TR Viktor, Kais, Davidoff and Psynergy Best daughter: BALENINA (Balaton x Neva by Neman), Platin Cup Champion, 3 times Champion in Austria, mother of Champions like SHAMBALA by Corall and PSYNERGY by Padrons Psyche PJATAKOVA (Balaton x Popova by Podsneijnik), British National Champion mare, Austrian Res. Champion mare, Austrian Champion filly, mother of MOLDAVIA by *TR Viktor, who was Austrian National Champion Reining as a 3 year old mare. VERBALA (Balaton x Verba by Murmansk), mother of excellent offspring like European Champion colt DAGASH by Davidoff, or the beautiful young mare TUNJA by *TR Viktor. HIMALAYA (Balaton x Nitochka by Pepel), typey Balaton daughter with good foals, exported to Germany SIBIRIA (Balaton x Sarabanda by Peleng), dam of PSYCHES THAIS (Padrons Psyche x Sibiria), exported to England and of PASSIONATA (Psynergy x Sibiria), a young filly in the look of Padrons Psyche and Balenina BASILIKA (Balaton x Asya by Princip), chestnut filly, died POLAR (Balaton x Poliana by Naslednik), grey stallion ABSENT (Balaton x Astronomia by Mascat), excellent and typey grey Balaton son
KAIS (Pakistan x Proba by Balaton), chestnut, Champion Holland, Austrian National Champion
Kais was a stallion in the look of Balaton and had immense beauty. He was a big horse and he won the Austrian National Championship during his time here. He has left many good quality foals Best daughter: SHANGRILA (Kais x Shambala by Corall), Champion filly England ATHINAI (Kais x 241 Amer I), Class winner Wels Show KHITOMER (Kais x Khazara by Nagadir), excellent dishy and solid young mare out of National Champion mother Khazara
CORALL (Nadir I x Cewiarka by Partner), chestnut, Multichampion Austria (exported to Spain)
Corall was a great succes for the whole breed in the country. He was named 3 times (!!!) Austrian National Champion Stallion and has sired many good fillies like the well known Balenina daughter SHAMBALA. He was exported to Spain later. Best daughter: SHAMBALA (Corall x Balenina by Balaton), chestnut mare, Austrian Junior Champion, mother of champions
VYMPEL (Menes x Molva by Aswan), black, Liberty Champion, Wels (died in 2000)
VYMPEL was leased for 2 years and he left many champion foals in our country. He influenced the breed through the number and quality of his foals. He has bred 75 mares in 2 years and among them there are National, International and Nations Cup and European Champions. Best filly: NEVNITZA (Vympel x Neva by Neman), European Res. Champion filly, Nations Cup Champion VOLGA (Vympel x Neva by Neman), Champion Germany RAVENNA (Vympel x Rawayeh by Kais I.), Excellent breeding mare Best sons: VADYM (Vymel x Votiva by Negresco), black stallion, sire of Champions in France, exported to France VANADIN (Vympel x Minerva by Negresco), bay stallion, excellent sire of quality foals MADHJAR (Vympel x Madjahni by Madour), grey stallion, Multichampion
NAGADIR (Neman x Neschi by Kilimanjaro), bay
He was just a 3 year old young stallion when he came to our stud. But he sired many good foals with good type and short bodies. He is a full brother to famour European Champion NEGRESCO and NADIR I. Best daughter: KHAZARA (Nagadir x Kharawaan by Ghadames), chestnut mare, Austrian National Champion filly
PSYCHES AMBASSADOR (Padrons Psyche x Asya by Princip),
Psyches Ambassador was bred by Breitenau Arabians out of the beautiful mare ASYA by Princip. He is a horse in the style of Padrons Psyche and he left some foals here in Austria. All of them had big movements.
NARIADNI (Nabeg x Nariadnaia by Aswan), chestnut, Champion USA (frozen semen) (died)
NARIADNI was available in Austria via frozen semen, but inspite the semen did work, the mare has lost the embryo later. So he did not leave a single foal. Therefore we have imported the great chestnut NARIADNI son *TR Viktor from Rick and Paula Taylor, Utah. He was a great success for whole Europe and goes on siring excellent foals with the heritage and look of NARIADNI.
ABSENT (Balaton x Astronomia by Mascat), grey, Champion BRD, Austria
ABSENT was a very sweet Balaton son with immense beauty. He was Austrian National Champion stallion in the year of his lease. He sired some foals, but did not influence the breed in the same way other stallions did. Everybody loved him.
PRESENT (Nabeg x Pustoda by Aswan), grey, Racewinner and Champion Switzerland (died)
In the old age of 17 years PRESENT was leased for one year to Austria. Inspite he was a very solid stallion with a perfect body, a super trot and big eyes, he did not had a big impact to the breed here in Austria. He was a successful racing stallion in Russia and he won 31 races out of 35. This is a great result. PRESENT had only one filly left here in Austria. This fact shows that horses with superbe performance will not necessarily be heavily used in the breeding here.
NAREW (Neman x Kruschina by Arax), bay, European Champion
NAREW is a full brother to the famous mare NEVA (Neman x Kruschina by Arax) He was Austrian National Res. Champion stallion and has sired good quality foals. His best daughter: RIVA (Narew x Rawayeh by Kais I
ANILIN (Aswan x Nemezida by Arax), chestnut, Champion Holland, Tilburg (exported to Italy)
ANILIN was our first stallion for lease. He has breed 13 mares at that year and this was the beginning of the russian breeding programm in Austria. Best son: KARACAL (Anilin x Khouri by Khouros), Multichampionstallion, Winner German Stallion Licensing, exported to Germany. MERLIN (Anilin x Mena by Menes), Austrian Res. Champion Stallion, Winner of many Western Riding awards.