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Psynergy foals
PSYNERGY was a very beautiful foal and he was famous from the very first day of his life. When he was clipped for the foal championship in Wels, he stood there and enjoyed being clipped, he did not worry about the machine going all over his body, legs, neck and head. He felt so comfortable. Needless to say, that he was named Austrian Foal Champion at that show (Wels 2000)  
PASSIONATA (Psynergy x Sibiria by Balaton), chestnut filly, born in 2003, is a double BALATON cross. She is a superbe showhorse and has the modern PSYCHE look. She is a horse, everybody would like to have in his stables. PASSIONATA was sold to Switzerland and she inspired many breeders to use PSYNERGY, but he is not available in central Europe after his export to Wales.  
SHAKUNTALA is out of the straight russian PEPEL daughter TITANIA. She is a tall horse in the style of MUSCAT and PADRONS PSYCHE. She is a big mover with long lines, long neck and a typey head, but looks like a russian horse. She is sold in Austria to Herta Kaindl, who is very happy to have such an exquisite mare in her breeding programm. 
PAARES is a blackbay colt of 2003 and comes from the first foalcrop of Psynergy. He is very elegant and is an egyptian - russian cross. Psynergy crosses well with all the egyptian influenced mares, but this phenomenon was the same with his father PADRONS PSYCHE - one of the most beautiful Psyche daughters was out of an egyptian dam:

PAARES comes out of the black mare 241 AMER I, bred in Babolna. She is the dam of the beautiful KAIS daughter ATHINAI too. Congratulation to the breeder of PAARES and his new owners in Italy.  
His first son AILLINGHI (Psynergy x Pagoda by Neboskreb). He was a Psynergy blueprint. His dam was named International Junior Champion mare in Wels as a two year old. This is the Balaton look as we liked it. Refinement in the muzzle, big eyes and beauty. 
EXCALIBUR was bred by Alexandra Gerhard and she is very happy with him. He developped to an excellent young colt so far and will be used for breeding in Germany. He has won a foal championship in Germany already. Watch him in the future.