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A mare of superbe pedigree
Nanushka (*TR Viktor x Nevnitza) a typical Nariadni granddaughter
NANUSHKA (*TR Viktor x Nevnitza (Vympel x Neva)
Born in 2000, bay
(m4v video for iPhone or iPod touch)

download NANUSHKA video (mp4 video 21 MB)

NARIADNI Nabeg x Nariadnaia by Aswan
Muscalean Muscat x Koronata by Nadejni
Nevnitza VYMPEL Menes x Molva by Aswan
Neva Neman x Kruschina by Arax

Nariadni (Nabeg x Nariadnaia by Aswan)

Granddaughter and Daughter of EUROPEAN R. CHAMPION MARE NEVNITZA.
She is a daughter of Nations Cup Championesse and European Res. Championesse NEVNITZA (Vympel x Neva by Neman).
She is sired by the famous NARIADNI son *TR VIKTOR (Nariadni x Muscalean by Muscat). 
NANUSHKA was the classwinner of the filly class in 2000 and later named Austria Foal Champion Res. (Psynergy by Padrons Psyche was Foalchampion in 2000).

Neva and her daughter Balenina
Her granddam NEVA (Neman x Krushina by Arax) was German Champion R. mare and a multiple championproducer.
All of her children like VOLCHOV by Vatican, BALENINA by Balaton, Nevnitza by Vympel, Volga by Vympel, Nevina by Abakan are famous broodmares and are under the best in the market.

can be a foundation mare for more quality in your breeding program.
She will sell only to a very serious breeder.
She has all the breeding potential to create a dynasty of excellent horses.
She now had her first baby by Kubai Khan (Kubinec x Volnaia by Naftalan),
a young bay colt and a big mover named KENAI KHAN, who  is already sold.

Ask Mr. Hans Trummer for more information: 0043/664/4024562
KHITOMER (Kais x KHAZARA by Nagadir)
Excellent young mare
Kais (Pakistan x Proba v. Balaton)

Kais x Khazara by Nagadir
owner: Theres Forstinger

This mare is a very typey dishy mare with a strong and solid body.
She has a short back and a stunning eyecatching outlook.
She is big and solid, good motion and a very dishy head with expressive eyes.
With this mare, you can breed champions. She looks very much like her father KAIS.
Khitomer was not yet bred, but is available for sale only to a professional stud.
She is ideal for a breeder who looks for typey heads, power and conformation.
She is western trained and a very good and obedient riding horse.
Both the sire and the dam of Khitomer are Austrian National Champions.
She would be a perfect horse for a Padrons Psyche or a Ghazal al Shaqab outcross.

PAKISTAN Kumir x Panagia by Aswan
Balaton x Palmira by Salon
Neman x Neschi by Kilimanjaro
Kharawaan Ghadames x Khamala by El Shaklan

Austrian National Champion Kais is the sire of Khitomer

Please contact Hans Trummer (0043/664/4024562) for further details or if you are interested in this beautiful mare. 
A show champion and excellent broodmare
NANDITA is a multichampion mare with an excellent pedigree.
She is a mare out of the dynasty of NEVA.
She is a NARIADNI granddaughter and her dam is the Nationscup Champion Nevnitza by Vympel.
She had a wonderful filly by Kubay Khan.
Words cannot describe her. You must see her.

(m4v video for iPhone or iPod touch)
  NANDITA (QuicktimeMovie 16 MB, streaming video)

NARIADNI Nabeg x Nariadnaia by Aswan
Muscalean Muscat x Koronata by Nadejni
Nevnitza VYMPEL Menes x Molva by Aswan
Neva Neman x Kruschina by Arax

I personally think, that Nandita is the best daughter of *TR Viktor
and she is a horse in the typical Nariadni look.
She has the best of Nariadni, Vympel and Neman.

*TR Viktor (Nariadni x Muscalean by Muscat)

Here is a video of her daughter NONA by Kubay Khan
If interested in this filly, call Mr. Hans Trummer.

Nona - Kubay Khan x Nandita (*TR Viktor x Nevnitza by Vympel)

NONA video
(m4v video for iPhone or iPod touch)
  NONA (QuicktimeMovie 18 MB, streaming video)

KUBINEC Balaton x Kosmetica by Muscat
Volnaia Naftalin x Vakansia by Peleng
Nandita *TR VIKTOR
Nariadni x Muscalean by Muscat
Nevnitza Vympel x Neva by Neman

Please ask Mr. Hans Trummer for more details. +43/664/4024562

SENSATIONAL CHANCE: KUBAY KHAN (Kubinec x Volnaia by Naftalin) available for Sale !!!
Westernsaddle Jim Tayler (fits for Russian Arabians, with broad tree Quarter Horses)
We offer for Sale
Jim Taylor Saddle, made in Texas.
Very strong and good working saddle.
Fits for Russian Arabians as well as for Quarter Horses.
With a broad Quarterhorse tree.
The saddle is located in Wels, Austria.
Price: EUR 1.000,-

Information: Jim Taylor has build the famous
Bob Loomis Saddle and the Taylor Saddle is the same,
but not with the silver plate: Bob Loomis on it.