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Shambala (Corall x Balenina by Balaton) - exotic mare

Corall x Balenina by Balaton
26th May 1997, chestnut mare, OeAV 1932

bred by B & H Trummer, Austria 1997 Nat. Champion Austria (Jun. Champion St. Pölten
professional western trained
first class broodmare, very typey head
SHAMBALA is the best daughter of the famous BALENINA by Balaton and she is styled like a modern showhorse with an exotic dished head.

She comes out of a dynasty of Champions,
she is herself a champion and
she is a champion producer.


Her quality and breeding potential have influenced our breeding program. We do have her exotic daughter BUPALI by Al Lahab and her incredible typey Monogramm son BHARAT.


SHAMBALA was exported to Germany in 2005..

SHAMBALA has a flat topline and strong movements. Already as a foal she got the scores 93,75, the highest scores given for a foal in Austria. SHAMBALA is a granddaughter of the champion mare NEVA by Neman (2x German National Champion Mare), who was a guarantee for genetic power.


SHAMBALA has produced exceptional fillies  so far. Her daughter SHANGRILA has won Championships in the UK already)
Her best daughter so far is BUPALI, who is extremely typey and smooth. She is a show filly.

But with her son BHARAT by Monogramm she has brought a masterpiece. A typical Monogramm son, BUT: with motion, extremely dished head, long neck, flat topline.
Comments: "I have not yet seen a better Monogramm colt so far". or "This type is unique even for a Monogramm foal".

Get of Shambala:

2001 SHANGRILA, chestnut filly by *KAIS (Pakistan x Proba by Balaton), Champion in the UK
2002 SANSKRIT PSYCHE, chestnut filly by Padrons Psyche (Padron x Kilika by Tamerlan)
2003 BUPALI, chestnut filly by Al Lahab
2004 BHARAT, chestnut colt by Monogramm

Corall Nadir I Neman x Neschi
Cerrita Partner x Belle Star
Balenina Balaton Menes x Panagia
Neva Neman Kruschina


Shambala Children
2001 SHANGRILA, chestnut filly by *KAIS (Pakistan x Proba by Balaton), Champion in the UK
She is the first daughter of SHAMBALA and she was quite from the beginning very typey and special. She is sired by Austrian National Champion stallion KAIS (Pakistan x Proba by Balaton). She is a tall and elegant young mare with a superbe pedigree. 
SANSKRIT PSYCHE by Padrons Psyche is a very tall and beautiful SHAMBALA daughter.
She was exported to England as a foal and she was sold, when she was 14 days old. She is very similar bred like PSYNERGY. 
BUPALI (Al Lahab x Shambala), 2003, chestnut filly

She is so far the best daugther of SHAMBALA so far. She is very refined and a blueprint of her dam. She became more refined, when she is getting older. We like her pedigree very much, it is a blend of Al Lahabs egyptian blood and the best of our russian breeding programm. 
BHARAT (Monogramm x Shambala), 2004, chestnut colt

Bharat is one outstanding young stallion with lots of charisma and trot.
His elegant and smooth body, his high tail carriage and his type stamp him with outstanding quality.
He is ready to win. 

Dam :: BALENINA (Balaton x Neva by Neman)
BALENINA was one of the best mares and was THE FOUNDATION of our Breitenau Stud. No other mare had this attitude, this trot, this big eyes and this foals. Her daughter SHAMBALA by Corall was of the same quality and her son PSYNERGY is her best colt so far. BALENINA is sired by the famous European Champion Stallion Balaton and she is said to be his best daughter.
Baleninas Pedigree will breed on in whole Europe and her blood is one of the most precious ones in the russian breeding programs of Europe.  
The Horse of the Century - Balaton (Menes x Panagia)
2/10 (0-3-4)

RASB 5, NSBA 6287

This world famous stallion is born in 1982 at Tersk Stud. His father Menes (by Nabeg) is known all over the world as the world's top sire! Balatons's crop already shows that Balaton himself is as good as his father!! The dam of Balaton, Panagia (by Aswan), is also the dam of Euopean Champion POSHLINA and Champion PAKISTAN.

Balaton was Chief Sire at Tersk Sutd/Russia in 1985-1990, Chief Sire at the Kossack Stud/Holland in 1991, 1992. He returned to Tersk for the 1993 and 1994 season and was availablefor the last time in Europe in 5and 1996 again.

Amongst the great Balaton get are great names like Platin Cup Champion BALENINA, ABAKAN, Austrian Champion PJATAKOVA, World Champion KUBINEC and SIBIRIA. Psynergy