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Stallions available for breeding
(natural service or frozen semen)
*TR Viktor
*TR VIKTOR (Nariadni x Muscalean by Muscat), chestnut, Champion USA, frozen semen only.
Frozen semen of *TR Viktor is still available.
Contact us in time.
*TR Viktor is one of the best son of NARIADNI and he is a genetic treasure.
With the right mares he can do big things.
PSYNERGY (Padrons Psyche x Balenina by Balaton), Austrian F. Champion 2000, Champion England 2003 and 2004. Numerous winning get.
Psynergy stands in Wales/Great Britain.
We can sell 3 breedings per year (only to central European mares)
Please contact us in time (0664/4024562)

*TR VIKTOR (Nariadni x Muscalean by Muscat)
*TR VIKTOR is the most famous son of the immortal NARIADNI. Everything on *TR VIKTOR is strong, his body, his flat topline, his character, his powerful movement and his genetic treasure. He improves every mare and he brings to the breed long refined necks with a thin throatlatch, he enlargens the eyes and he shortens the body. *TR VIKTOR himself has a really long and level croup and very correct legs. He has sired many champions all over Europe and Australia. Nariadni x Muscalean by Muscat
1995, bred by the Taylor Ranch, Utah, USA
imported to Europe by B & H Trummer, Austria

*TR VIKTOR was imported from the US by Hans Trummer in 1996. He was one of the most interesting horses in the bred in Austria. He passed on his long necks, his strong bodies and his big eyes. There are many daughters of *TR Viktor in Austria, who are in the breed now. Amongst his best foals are Nandita (out of Nevnitza), Victorious Angel, Tunja, Moldavia. Moldavia is a winner at riding competitions already and many others are excellent riding horses. The 2003 Australian Junior Champion filly is the *TR VIKTOR daughter VALOURIA.

*TR Viktor is sold to France and is present at our studs breeding programm through frozen semen. He can do a great job as a sire with the right mares. He improves the length of the neck, the size of the eyes, he shortens the back and lengthens the croup.

NARIADNI NABEG Arax x Nomenklatura
Nariadnaia Aswan x Neposeda
Muscalean Muscat Salon x Malpia
Koronata Nadejni x Koketka
Einige wenige Deckungen von *TR Viktor verfügbar
*TR VIKTOR (Nariadni x Muscalean by Muscat)
He is a living legend and has sired excellent foals, including champions in Australia, Great Britain, Germany and Austria.
We have some of his best daughters for sale, this is an exceptional opportunity.
But we also have frozen semen of this great stallion available. The frozen semen is of superbe quality. *TR Viktor is one of the most used sons of Nariadni and he produces foals with quality, neck, toplines and eyes. Contact Mr. Hans Trummer 0043/664/4024562